Playstation Experience 2017

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Playstation Experience 2017

Postby Navid » 08 Dec 2017 17:19


Playstation Experience is returning again this year with a different format, focusing more on hands on demos for attendees as well as developer interviews and panels rather than last years E3 style press conference, though there still will be a keynote to kick things off...

The event opens up at 04:00 (UK Time) on Saturday 9th, before continuing with event at 18:00-06:00 Saturday to Sunday and 18:00-02:00 Sunday to Monday.

You can check out for the coverage.

I don't really expect any big announcements out of this, think it will providing more info from panels on games that have already been revealed and are coming out next year.

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Re: Playstation Experience 2017

Postby Keyop » 08 Dec 2017 19:20

It will be worth watching just in case.