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Re: The Elder Scrolls: Online

Postby Ghost59-ad » 09 May 2014 12:34

mik_69 wrote:
Waylander wrote:Main point: it's delayed by about 6 months.

I did laugh when i read this on Twitter this week. I though Ghost was playing this on his PS4 all along! lol

lol mik :teehee:

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Re: The Elder Scrolls: Online

Postby Ghost59-ad » 13 May 2014 06:44


My horse on elder scrolls online

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Re: The Elder Scrolls: Online

Postby Ghost59-ad » 13 May 2014 11:05

it will be possible to complete all quests in ESO without joining a group. Sometimes it will be rather difficult but not always. The level of difficulty will be reasonable. Sometimes you will face with really difficult quests but you will be able to complete such quests alone....... im going for solo first it is a challenge but I have overcome it. bit like dark souls lol

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Re: The Elder Scrolls: Online

Postby Ghost59-ad » 19 May 2014 06:30

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Re: The Elder Scrolls: Online

Postby Ghost59-ad » 31 May 2014 07:32

a full review of elder scrolls online

I would like to see some comments on this game ...... it is out on pc at moment but it is coming out on ps4 ....

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Re: The Elder Scrolls: Online

Postby Ghost59-ad » 10 Jun 2014 05:15


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Re: The Elder Scrolls: Online

Postby Ghost59-ad » 25 Jun 2014 06:29


1.You can travel between wayshrines for free, you only pay to travel to one if you're not at another
2.You can feed horses (like levelling) to increase speed, bag space or sprint each day
3.There are hints for finding Skyshards built into the UI (Press J (opens quest journal) > Click "Achievements" Tab > Click "Skyshards" Tab > Select the zone you want to find Skyshards in > Read the hints they give you.)
4.If you buy the Imperial edition your horse will be available to all your characters
5.The parts of the map with skull and cross-bones are world bosses!
6.Speaking to random npc's can reveal locations on your map.
7.Don't rush out of the tutorial area (the prison). Loot everything you can. You will end up with some armor, weapon, dozens of lockpicks, possibly a racial motif book and all sorts of other loot.
8.The Achievements tab in the Journal lists the titles of the zone-specific Lorebooks so you can refer to it to determine if you have found all of the lorebooks found only in that zone.
9.Monsters in Cyrodiil can drop set items which are scaled to your current level. They drop more often from "named" mobs inside of caves, also these "named" mobs drop soul gems of your current level frequently.
10.All caves in Cyrodill have a skyshard inside of them. (At least the ones i've been in all had one) - and many public dungeons in the rest of the world also have skyshards
11.Explore. Most things are off the routes to quests.
12.There's a guild that you can join called "The Undaunted" much like the mages or fighters guild. It's usually in an Inn in your starting city. Talk to them in each zone.
13.Swimming can be deadly. You may get slaughtered if you swim in a spot you're not supposed too.
14.You have to discover your faction's dungeon before the dungeons of the other factions will appear on the map (ie. you have to discover Spindleclutch by traveling to it before you will see Banished Cells or Fungal Grotto).
15.There are places on the map and things to do that no quest is going to lead you to, so get out there and explore.
16.Can confirm coldharbor has at least 1 racial motif, most i have gotten in a single run was 3. the tutorial not the questline.
17.PvE in cyrodil, you are scaled to 50 so can fight the local mobs.
18.Swimming in deep water brings the wrath of the slaughterfish.
19.Trying to recall to a wayshrine immediately after recalling a previous time will cost several hundred gold. The amount of gold required to recall again will reduce by 1g a second.
20.To rez another player, the soul gem needs to match the level of the person DOING the rez, NOT the person being rezed. So, if you are level 20, you cannot rez anyone until you fill a level 20 soul gem. The level 10-19 gems will not rez a level 3 player if you are level 20 either (moderator has stated it needs to match the level of the person you're rezzing - so this needs to be checked)
21.If you want to pve in Cyrodiil and REALLY dislike pvp, find a empty campaign and sign in as a guest.
22.You can see landmark quest status by the color of the icon on the map. If it's white, it means you completed the quest for that area, if it's black, you haven't. It's quite easy to overlook if you don't know about it.
23.Go off the beaten path. Don't just go from quest to quest. Walk around a little bit, go explore. There are a ton of locations that offer books, containers, chests, world bosses, and more.
24.Don't ask in zone chat about where you can find a horse...go to the nearest town and check your map for the stables!
25.Often times when you wander from the beaten track, you might find an npc in an alcove or hidden location from plain sight. There would be no marking on the compass or merchant tag in the name/map, and only by talking to him you would understand he is a merchant. Make sure you look through his wares thoroughly, there might be some uniquely named items which start quests. I was lucky enough to find two in beta, and each rewarded a nice blue gear at the end of the quest chain.
26.Example: One time there was this mine entrance which was on the way to getting another quest hub. right to the left of the mine entrance i saw one of those rocky paths going up. i always check these for chests and this time right above the mine door, hidden from view from the front of the mine unless you go up that rock ramp, was a Dunmer sitting by a campfire. talking to him made me see that he has a merchant inventory. and in that inventory was a particular item called something like a "fetish figurine". i won't spoil the rest of the quest.......
1.Looting Barrels, Crates, Back Packs give Provisioning mats such as grain, malt, water, and recipes.
2.Looting Wardrobes, Nightstands, Drawers, Dressers give you lock picks, crafting racial stones, and racial motif books (used to craft in different racial style).
3.Boss mobs in dungeons can be killed multiple times. Note there will be a patch to put a timer between available loots from these boss mobs.
4.Resource nodes that spawn Runes will randomize between the three types when they spawn.
5.Boss Mobs in dungeons will drop potions and a filled soul gem appropriate to your level. You can farm the boss for a bit to build up a supply.
6.In dungeons, there are chests that have loot that goes to only the person who opens the chest first (or interacts with it and opens it first, rather). Try to spot them in corners of dungeons to snag em.
7.You can leave items in a chest for others to take if two of you are nearing the chest and you opened it first. They can also take your chest items the split second you open it so be fast if you want it all.

Questing & levelling your skills
1.You can level multiple different armors at the same time by mixing up what you wear, however each one will level slower than if you have a full set of light/med/heavy
2.The NPC-owned towns in Cyrodiil have repeatable PVE quests
3.You get a big chunk of XP from completing quests, so to level up a 2nd weapon skill, switch to it before turning in a quest
4.You can reset your skills for gold, there are locations to do this for each faction
5.You can level a skill line by having an active ability slotted on the hotbar, even if you never use that ability
6.At the very start of the game when you have empty hotbar slots, add the Soul Trap spell to your bar. It's a reasonable dot and even if you never use it, you start to level up the Soul Magic skill line (switch it out later)
7.Recommend Soul Trap from the Soul Magic skill tree as your first skill point. Get as many Soul Gems as you can afford as early as possible. They are invaluable for self-resurrection from the same spot you died, resurrecting others or charging certain weapon enchants. It is cheapest and quickest to fill empty Soul Gems by nuking 1HP criters, like rats, sheep, etc. Empty or full Soul Gems can be obtained randomly from loot drops or by buying them from the Mages Guild or some ‘mage’ vendors
8.You get upgrades to stamina, magicka and health at every level even if you never put points into them. So for efficiency it's a good idea to put some class skills that use magicka and weapon skills that use stamina so you can make use of both pools. At least early in the game anyway. Note in Cyrodial everyone has the same until you are VR1.
9.You only get one point to spend in one magic/health/stamina tho. The increase in pools of each are just because you are a higher level character and skills cost more of each. Its not related to how much you use each one.
10.Mundus stones offer buffs to your character which can be changed by visiting other stones. There is a complete set of Mundus stones for each Alliance so get exploring to find out what they do.
11.Also, you can boost the Mundus stone's effect on your character if you wear equipment with the relevant trait on it.
12.When using a Bookshelf, there is a chance of reading a book that will raise one of your skills with 1 level.
13.Book cases offer XP based on the book inside.
14.PvE quests are usually around the "miscellaneous" icons (tree icon and so forth) on the map. Completing the quests near the icon will turn it white.
15.Press T to cycle through your quests in the quest tracker.
16.If a quest fails to spawn a mob for completion, relog to fix the issue.
17.The more skills from the same tree you have on your active hotbar, the faster that skill tree gains XP.
18.Skills can be morphed once you level them up enough, to upgrade it you have to use one skillpoint.
19.The biggest thing players should keep in mind when starting out is that experience is tied to what's on your skillbar, so you want to try to have a skill on your skillbar from every class tree and your weapon tree while you level, and only focus on min maxxing much later in the game.
20.Your first three skill points should go into each of your classes' tree so they will all level up. If you don't do this one of your trees will stay at 0 until you start to invest a point there otherwise they will all level up a bit even though you never have an ability from one tree slotted.
21.You have to put the soul trap spell on your bar. Cast soul trap right before you kill an enemy and if you have an appropriate level soul gem it gets filled. However, After a while I was just finding both empty and full soul gems throughout the world.
22.Not all quest givers stay put. Many quests will have the quest giver move closer if not right to you when you complete the quest. Caused much back tracking when I wouldn't catch it.
23.When you run out of magicka and stamina before your opponent is even down to half health in PvP, you begin to see the wisdom in assigning every single attribute to health.

1.Pick up materials and actually craft, its not super lame like every other mmo
2.Crafting armor and weapons is the best way in the early game to get the best stuff. Items come in five quality levels represented by five colors: white, green, blue, purple and gold. The colors signify the quality of the item in ascending order, but only for that particular level. For example, a gold level 10 item might be better than a green level 12 item.
3.Killing many of the level 1 mobs such as rats & spiders give fishing bait. Collecting insects like butterflies also. Fishing requires using a proper bait at the proper location. Your chances of getting a rare fish improves when more people fish at the same spot, but that can also make a fishing hole dry out faster.
4.You can create any of the tier1 crafted items without investing a single skill point
5.In order to create tier 2 of ANY of the six disciplines, you have to spend a skill point IN THAT DISCIPLINE to create tier 2 stuff. (IE to create tier 2 across all six disciples will require investing 6 skill points, one in each line.)
6.Eating an alchemy ingredient will reveal one of it's properties: Question asked: There are 4 four effects for each herb in alchemy, so can you learn more than first affect buy continuing to eat an ingredient or is it capped at the first ability? Answer: Capped at the first.
7.You can craft at a crafting station with materials stored in your bank.
8.You gain more crafting Exp from breaking down gear others have created than the ones you create.
9.You can mail excess items to an alt character. They don't count toward your bag space until the mail is opened. Unless something has changed in the last build, this one is incorrect - you cannot mail anything to your alts, only to players on another account.
10.You can buy glyphs to enchant your armor, weapons and jewelry cheaply. Armor glyphs are for max stamina, magicka, and health, and there are 8 with a shield.
11.Recipes are more reliably found in desks, cupboards, wardrobes, and other non-provisioning containers.
12."Heavy Bags" contain random crafting materials, up to and including legendary tempers. These spawn like chests, and when looted they disappear.
13.Remember that there are "Set" Armor crafting stations. Try to research the traits needed for these if you want a set. It can take anywhere from 6 hours to one month to research things. For example, you'll need all 8 traits researched to get the Mages and Fighters guild armor later- and that means yes, 8 traits for all items. And don't forget you'll need 3 for the first bonus and 5 items for the second
14.All stations have the same research options, but Set stations will allow you to craft Set bonus items if you have the required traits for each set researched on the armor pieces you want to make.
15.Plan on crafting gear every 2 levels in the early leveling stages. That way you'll always have best gear available for the most part, and never run around gear-less. Weap upgrades every 2 levels is huge too for damage output.
16.You can only have 1 provisioning effect on at a time.
17.Breakdown and extract all loot you don't plan to use, if you are in that particular profession. You'll get tempers, trait gems, racial materials, and the processed resources can also be sold.
18.In some/most cases you CAN recharge your weapon using a level appropriate soul gem. HOWEVER, soul gems are expensive. If you have some weapon runes, they will just replace the depleted charge with a new effect and not cost you a soul gem, or you can use the soul gems from the previous tier to fill your weapons.
19.Bank all gear with researchable traits and the trait stones. Constant uptime on your research is the optimal way to go.
20.Start your 12 hour research right before logging at night if you can time it right.
21.Begin crafting early. You can make much better gear than the overpriced junk offered by shops
22.You enchant by right clicking an item in your inventory (or when worn)... I can't be the only one who was scratching their heads at the enchanting table...
23.Enchants are applied to items directly.
24.10 minutes running along the coast instagibbing mudcrabs gave me more rawhide than I knew what to do with.
25.Btw the best way to level armor & weapon crafting is to wait to 50 and extract level 50/veteran gear (doesn't mean don't do it before - just good to know)
26.You have several options for selling crafted items: 1. Through mail, you send the item you want to sell with a COD ( cash on delivery) attached. Easy, fast and the worst possible way for trade. Since each mail you send takes about 10% of the total value (10% of the item value and 10% from the cod) 2. Guildstore, not sure if guilds can make it so that they recieve a percentage of the profit..i personally never tried this. 3. Trading in person. The most easiest way of selling stuff without any loss of profit. Make sure they give you the right amount of gold though. I prefer this since i will not lose any profit.
27.For researching traits to put on a bow, you need to research a bow with the trait you want (not e.g. a staff)
28.Each trait you research of one item ( a bow for example) takes longer then the last. It starts a 6 hours ( i think), next one is 12 hours etc.
29.You can research one trait at a time for each crafting skill, which means that you can research multiple things at once as long as they aren't from the same crafting line.
30.To make ingots of a certain type of metal you extract the ore material, there is no smelting in ESO - needs 10 ore to make some ingots.
31.The edges of rivers and lakes spawn water solvent nodes needed for alchemy. Water solvent can also be found in waterskins near camps.
32.I actually prefer to use all $ to by all inventory and bank space- then after all upgrades, I start saving. I also mail stuff to friends w/return in subject so I don't have to keep running back to town to sell. Plus I have 2 bank alts- one for enchanting and one for provisioning. I keep mail organized for respective alt to open and it works nicely
33.If you are not adverse to external websites, get crafting guides. It doesn’t do you much good hanging on to a tier one crafting item if you are doing level 30 type stuff. Currently there are no tooltips that guide you adequately. For instance; I used thin broth a lot starting out. 3 weeks later while struggling to find bank space (yet again) I discovered a stack of 96 of them that I did not even realize I had stopped using a few weeks before.
34.Crafters: spending skill points on the right things at the right times is more challenging to you than a non-crafter. The two specs in most craft lines that should be considered for investing in very soon after rolling is your companion (they often send better items than what you can acquire easily in the world) and the “Keen Eye” skill (It really does help a lot)

General Gameplay & gear / skill use (PVE or PVP)
1.The easy way to interrupt is to click and hold the left mouse button, then click the right mouse button. If you interrupt the target, using heavy attack while the target is disoriented will knock the target down. Pay attention to the effect your abilities have on different types of monsters. Some powerful creatures are immune to certain effects, while whole groups of monsters might be resistant to others.
2.There are only 3 jewelry slots, and those cover regen, resistance, and other modifier buffs. Plan accordingly!
3.Any merchant can repair your gear (but it may be better to replace - see crafting)
4.You have to buy your IE horse at a stable for 1g (at any stable) Your vanity pet is in a mail you will receive.
5.Weapons with a glyph enchantment to do additional elemental (fire, frost, disease, etc.) damage use soulstones to recharge. Item traits enhance the damage of enchantments or the time between recharging.
6.Increasing your critical hit chance will also increase your critical healing chance, i.e. healing for far more than normal. You can’t heal crit on HoTs via the restoration staff (or other Heals Over Time). True healing spells (ie ones that heal flat damage) can crit via the Templar Restoring Light line (though perhaps even the DK’s self heal “Dragon Blood” might crit as well.)
7.By pressing L and R mouse buttons at the same time you can snap out of disorient and off-balance effects for 30% stamina cost.
8.Spiders feed off corpses to heal themselves, interrupt them by clicking both mouse buttons at the same time (left first)
9.Intimidation and persuasion are passive skills from the fighter and mage guilds skill line
10.Keep a weapon in your inventory for a ranged attack if you are melee. Either a staff or a bow. If you're having trouble defeating a mob (like Gutsripper) you can kite it (or just learn a different technique with your class)
11.If you choose a DPS melee class, you're going to need multiple anti-kiting tools such as snare, teleport, fiery chain, stealth. Bow users have a lot of options to snare, knockdown, kite and put out extreme damage - a lot will be naive enough to spec for maximum damage, because there are even more naive players who will feed their XPs by not being kite-ready.
12.You need 10 accounts in a guild to unlock the guild bank with 500 spaces
13.To quickly and easily fill petty soul gems kill critters. Soul tap does all the work.
14.The sneak mechanic - If you use sneak before entering combat with a bow and charge up a full attack, you will 100% crit with it unless you are seen. This also applies to weapon skills. You can charge a bow attack and immediately cast a weapon skill to crit on both attacks. It helps a lot when soloing content.
15.The more points you have in stamina, the more damage your stamina skills will do. The more points you have in magicka, the more damage your class and magick skills will do.
16.You can move while using a skill with cast time on it - you don't have to stand still for it. It slows you down a bit while moving but don't worry about stopping and being rooted. This was in the Nightblade line. Maybe not all classes react this way but for sure I overlooked being able to move when using them because in other games you usually had to be stable. There are a few games that let you cast while moving but it's far from all games.You can't sprint and use abilities at the same time.
17.You can drop items into the bank and it will auto stack them. You can split the stacks when you remove them from the bank.
18.When you unlock weapon-swapping at level 15, you can decide to place the same type of weapon in both slots but select different abilities for your ability bar.
19.Bind a key for dodge, double tapping is crap.

1.You should complete the 'welcome to cyrodiil' quest first before the boards become active (update - you can skip training by speaking to npc to gain access to quests.) - but the quests do give you a forward camp.
2.You can get PVP quests in Cyrodiil by visiting the notice boards e.g kill enemy players, scout area, attack keep etc.
3.Soul-stones can be used to revive ally players and yourself (note you can't revive yourself in the Alliance War).
4.Third person view is usually the most effective in AvA (PVP)
5.If you plan to AvA, then PvE like you would AvA.
6.AvA melee targeting is difficult, because your opponent is going to be running around like a rabbit. Most in the Beta used ranged weapons due to this difficulty. Therefore you must master CC if you wish to melee in AvA. (or just hit TAB to garget)
7.Know when to run in AvA. If you get in sprint range, expect to respawn. Try not to stream singly into a fast moving zerg.
8.When entering a contested keep, sneak when going through a postern and door. You don't know what's on the other side.
9.Oil can be poured on the floor the pot is sitting on, causing an aoe hit to anyone in the damage radius.
10.Use ballistas on the walls to defend, trebs on the ground to attack.
11.Keep a seige shield up on the ram when it's on the door. It'll batter through before oil kills it and the drivers.
12.Set items drop in Cyrodiil that are scaled to your level that are different from the crafted sets.
13.Expect stealthed opponents when you follow the standard reinforcement line to a fight. Going out of your way a little bit might get you there in one piece.
14.Alternately, run magelight and bring a friend, and hunt the hunters.
15.When casting magelight, it stays visible even when you are sneaking.
16.Pets do not stealth with you
17.The wayshrines to get out of Cyrodiil are at the gates.
18.Some AvA quests ala capturing a scroll do not have to be completed by you personally just your faction. So if you see a scroll moving head to the board and cycle through them all till you get the one for that scroll.
19.You can pick up a deployed siege engine after you deploy it by pressing 'x'.
20.Always carry around a stone treb to break down walls and doors quickly. Always carry a fire ballista for "other targets".
21.As you get points you will receive mails from your alliance with level appropriate greens on them. Easy way to quickly gear up if you complete AvA quests.
22.All classes can stealth by crouching.
23.Siege weapons must be put in quickslot to be used
24.Use the WAYSHRINES to leave Cyridiil, not the Transit shrines.
25.Equip your siege weapons in your quick slots to use them, same as your repair kits.
26.Trebuchets are best for damage to walls
27.Ballistae for damage to siege weapons
28.Catapults for damage to enemy players
29.Healing damage caused by enemy players in AvA will award Alliance points and XP.
30.Have a separate moveset (skills) for PVP. The best strategies against NPCs (unload all of your highest damaging skills in a row) don't work on players who do more than rush in for melee hits. Moves that immobilize, negate skills, or prevent damage are so much more useful.
31.Dont be afraid to spend Alliance Points in PVP, your total accumulated number will not decrease. So you dont have to worry about dropping in the leader boards if you want to buy equipment.
32.Don't pick a home campaign early on the first night. Wait and make sure you're not in a 10:1 odds fight before committing.
33.You get gear when you pvp, it is basically the same as pve gear, you can also buy gear in the pvp area, that is basically the same as pve gear, there are a few set bonuses that give bonuses to pvp (have to have the set of 3 ot 5 pieces), i've seen one that gave 5% extra damage against players, not sure what else is out there, its not a trait that you can research and put on every piece of gear.

1.You can go into interface settings and turn of glow, action bar, and quest tracker and health bars to make it more like a TES game. This really makes it feel more like skyrim.
2.You can type /fps in the chat to see your frames per second.
3.You can also turn on autoloot and AE loot in the options.
4.Under settings there is an option to hide your helmet
5.Check your keybinds; Some keybinds are unbound by default, such as Toggle UI.
6.When you find a lore book, it doesn't go to your inventory. You can find it on the "Lore Library" tab of your journal (it is the second tab, next to "Quests").w/o spoiling let's just say if you want to read everything later you will be able to w/a certain quest line though a UI screen
7.Press and hold Q to open quickslots for potions
8.You can set a keybinding to toggle the entire UI on or off quickly, including the compass and chat window. When combined with turn off the glowing outlines it made for a bit more immersive playing experience.
9.Try right clicking in the game in places, often there are menus.
10.IIRC - you use P for party to leave a group, right click on your name.
11.You can adjust the millisecond timing of your dodge when you double-top WASD keys in settings to suit how fast you press keys.
12.You can see buffs on you at the bottom of the character screen C key by default. I did not notice this and would often check it when someone ran past me and gave me a buff to see what it said. I used that to see which heals worked on myself and not just a group so that I could plan my bar better. There is a heal that says it heals players in front of you but it heals you too when alone, you don't have to try to get ahead of yourself (if that's even possible).
13.If you plan on joining multiple guilds, you can color the chat of each different by using right click on the chat tabs. There are lots of other settings there including creating tabs. By default all 3 guilds I joined were the same color text.
14.If you want to walk you can, but it is not mapped. You have to go to the options and pick a key for it.
15.Use 'V' or mouse wheel, to go between 1st and 3rd person.
16.You can select dialog options with the number keys (1 = first option, 2 = second etc).

Some commands that people might find useful

/bug = report bugs
/feedback = report feedback
/p = party chat
/z = zone chat
/s = say
/t or /w = tell or whisper chat (same thing, just different commands)
/g1 - /g5 = guild chat, since one can be in 5 guild at a time thus g1 = guild, g2 = guild 2 .. g5 =guild 5
/emote_command = the different emotes one can do, one have to use web site to find the commands, just the way one inputs the command.
/played = total time played
/reloadui = reset the UI if one gets trap in the interface after crafting or talking to a NPC
/stuck (/unstuck?) = it kills your char and sends you to the nearest wayshrine -- used for the reason as /reloadui
You can hit the "." (period) key to show the cursor. Handy for chat.
Q (hold) – Open quickslot radial menu
Q (press) – Use selected slotted quickslot item
Left Mouse Button – Attack with equipped weapon. Tap to execute a light attack, hold down for a heavy attack
Right Mouse Button – Block
Right Mouse Button + Left Mouse Button – Perform a bash, interrupting some enemy attacks
Hold Right Mouse Button + Click Left Mouse Button – Break crowd control effects
/jumptofriend - The slash command to jump to the wayshrine/graveyard closest to a named friend.
/jumptogroupmember - The slash command to jump to the wayshrine/graveyard closest to a named group member.
/jumptoguildmember - The slash command to jump to the wayshrine/graveyard closest to a named guild member.
/jumptoleader - The slash command to jump to the wayshrine/graveyard closest to the group leader.
/yell or /y - The slash command to set the current chat channel to Yell. The following text will be sent to all players in your local vicinity, wider ranging than /say but not zone wide. Followed by a space, and then the text to send.
/chatlog - The slash command to toggle chat logging on or off.
/invite - The slash command to invite another player to your group. Followed by a space, and then the group-invite-target's name. (Account name can be used with an @ symbol before the full name.)
/fps - The slash command to toggle the display of current framerate.

One more way to exit the interface if one gets stuck in a NPC dialog or crafting -- just click on the mail icon and will let one exit

SOURCE: ... -the-start

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This is the sort of issues they are patching at the moment


Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online v1.3.3, our third major content update.

In this update, we’ve added armor dye stations where you can change the color of your armor with dyes you unlock through achievements. We’ve also added and improved many guild features including the addition of guild heraldry, guild traders, and improved guild management.

Another exciting change is the updates to our campaigns in Cyrodiil. We’ve implemented new campaign options, each with their own rule set.

Alongside these new features, you’ll find many fixes to quests, combat, art, and audio. We’re also continuing to work on the overall class balance, but are doing so carefully so as not to impact your build too much.


Armor Dyes •Armor dyes have now been added to the game! You can visit a dye station and interact with it to dye any piece of armor that you own. •Dye stations can be found in at least one town in every normal overworld zone. There are new map markers add for these dye station locations

•Every piece of gear has up to three separate areas that can be dyed individually, and you have tools available to do so. •Color Sets: You can use the special dye tools to create and apply custom color sets.
•Eye Dropper Tool: You can use the eye dropper tool to pick colors from previously dyed gear, and apply that color elsewhere.
•Paint Bucket Tool: This tool applies the dye you’ve selected to the corresponding color area of every piece of gear you have equipped.

•At a dye station, you can see every color available. Dyes you haven't obtained yet are displayed with a lock icon. Hover over any locked color to see which achievement is associated with it. You can right-click on it to jump to the achievement panel and read the achievement's completion criteria. When a dye is unlocked, it will be available for all characters on your account.

New and Improved Guild Features •Improved Guild Management •Guild leaders can now create, delete, and reorder the guild ranks. •Hold left-click and drag to arrange the guild ranks. This can be done in the list itself.

•Guild leaders can also assign unique icons for each rank.
•Guilds can have 10 ranks, including the Guildmaster rank.
•Each guild rank has its own set of permissions. When creating a new guild rank, you can clone the permissions of a previously existing one.

•Guild Heraldry •This feature unlocks once a guild has reached 10 members.
•Guild leaders can design a heraldry that will appear on equippable tabards. Customization of your heraldry costs a fee in gold that is automatically deducted from your guild’s bank. To modify the guild’s heraldry, guild leaders can click the heraldry tab on the Guild window (displayed before the history tab).
•There are over 250 colors, 63 backgrounds, and 136 crests available for creating a heraldry.
•Once a heraldry has been designed, any guild member can purchase a tabard by visiting the Guild’s Store and searching for items of type ‘Guild Items’.
•If a guild leader changes the tabard, all tabards update in real-time.

•Guild Traders •Guilds can now hire merchants from The Gold Coast Trading Company in locations across Tamriel to serve as public outlets for their guild stores.
•Guilds will participate in a blind bid that lasts one week to win the traders’ services for one full week. You can only bid on one trader at a time, and the highest bidder will be the winner.
•Guilds can also hire a trader for a flat fee, as long as the trader is currently un-hired. •You can hire the trader during a bidding cycle, though you’d only be hiring him for the remaining time that’s left on the bidding cycle.
•This hire lasts up to a week, until the end of the current bidding cycle, and is first come first served.

•A hired trader will display the guild store of the hiring guild to all channels, including Veteran versions of the zone.
•Guild traders can mainly be found in zone capitals, though a few can be seen selling wares throughout various overworld zones.

•Guild Bank Gold •This feature unlocks once a guild has reached 10 members.
•Anyone in a guild can deposit and withdraw gold into the guild bank. •Note that withdrawal permissions are on a guild rank basis.

•Some systems (Heraldry/Guild Traders) can directly deposit or withdraw from the Guild Bank.

Alliance War Campaign Updates •All Campaigns that were running up until this patch have been closed, and 5 new Campaigns are opening up: •Bow of Shadows: 5 day Veteran Rank only Campaign
•Blackwater Blade: 5 day Non-Veteran only Campaign
•Haderus: 7 day standard Campaign that anyone can join
•Chillrend: 14 day standard Campaign that anyone can join
•Thornblade: 30 day standard Campaign that anyone can join

•If you were assigned to any Campaign prior to Patch 1.3.3, you will be given a free Home Campaign assignment on each character previously assigned to a Campaign.
•After Patch 1.3.3 is deployed, you will be rewarded according to the placement of your Alliance within your Home Campaign.
•Switching Campaigns (Home or Guest) will now have a 3 day lockout timer associated with it.

Instant Weapon Swap •We’ve made changes to the way we cache textures for your alternate weapon that will allow you to swap weapons reliably and instantly. The previous delay when swapping has been reduced significantly, so swapping to your second ability set will be seamless and fast, making combat feel more responsive.

Color Correction •Brightness, contrast, and color curves throughout the game are now adjusted via post-processing. In some locations, the effect will be subtle, but it will be more noticeable in others. We’ve done this to improve the visual quality of the game by increasing contrast in scenes, balancing overall color values, and reducing the influence of yellow in the sunlight and interior lighting. You’ll notice more color depth and a more realistic look in the world. We don’t anticipate these changes having any effect on performance, since we were already making a post-processing pass, but you can disable color correction by setting the COLOR_CORRECTION value in your UserSettings file to “0.” Check out these screenshots showing the new color correction (on the left) compared to the old version:
This image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.

This image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.

Armor Colors and Tints Adjusted •To prepare for our dye system, we've re-evaluated the color palette we use for armor and have made some adjustments to how colors display on gear throughout the game. This gives us more flexibility to add new armor sets and crafting materials, provides some more saturated colors, and will make upgrades consistently look more significant. The upgrade may alter the original colors on armor you already own, but you'll be able to choose your own color schemes with the dye system should you dislike the changes.

Difficult Mode •We added a new and optional difficulty mode for the final fight in Aetherian Archive and Hel Ra Citadel. Look for clues near each Celestial to find out how to trigger this new mode. When you complete the difficult version of a Trial, you will be rewarded with a piece of armor from an upgraded version of the Mage, Serpent, or Warrior Item Sets which contain better stats and visuals. The colors in this set are exclusive to this armor, and cannot be duplicated with dyes.

Delves Updates in Coldharbour •The delves found in Coldharbour are now larger, and contain more monsters and loot. This is an ongoing effort to make all delves in the game larger.


Alliance War
General •Adjusted the amount of Alliance Points necessary to qualify for Emperorship. You will now need to earn 50,000 AP in your Campaign instead of 10,000 AP.
•If an Elder Scroll is dropped and not placed on its platform or picked up by another player character, it will return to its last saved location in 5 minutes from the time it was dropped.
•Added new abilities to the Melee Guards located at the Scroll Temples.
•Fixed an issue so the First Sergeant and Praetorian ranks are now using the correct icons.
•Increased the overall XP value of player kills.
•Alliance War bags now have a chance to contain Grand Soul Gems.
•Siege weapons will now degrade much faster when not being actively controlled.
•Siege weapon repair kits now repair double their prior healing value.
•Increased the range of the Mender Guard’s damage abilities and the Sorcerer Guard’s Fire Salvo abilities to combat long range sniping.
•Trebuchet Fire and Ice now have the same reload time as Stone to prevent animation desyncing.
•Postern Wall houses and doors will no longer have odd visualization issues such as floating doors.
•Fixed an issue with the interaction status on Postern Wall houses and doors.
•The Alliance leaders have dispatched a number of guards to all wayshrines in Cyrodiil to counter the increased spy incursions until further measures can be taken.

Art & Animation
General •Fixed a number of issues with missing collision around the world including rocks, plants, and parts of buildings.
•Slightly reduced the brightness on the character selection screen.

Animations •Emotes will now work while in combat.
•Added the following emotes to the game: •/attention
•/dancealtmer, /dancehighelf
•/dancebosmer, /dancewoodelf
•/dancedunmer, /dancedarkelf

•Fixed an issue with the Breton male’s dance. He will no longer have shaky feet, and will dance more confidently!
•NPCs that drink from bottles will now have the bottle line up with their mouth. They will no longer have a drinking problem.
•More emotes will now be supported while in first-person view.
•Fixed an issue with the ankle animations for the Guar, Alit and Kagouti.
•Fixed an issue with the Spider Daedra animation. She will no longer die with a twisted neck.
•Fixed an issue with the Scorpion’s tail animation, and will no longer be erratic when hit with the ability Uppercut.
•Fixed an issue where NPC hands would clip through the bowls they were eating from.
•Fixed an issue where the Imp’s wings would clip through both arms while flapping in his idle animation.
•The Wispmother will no longer have a broken pinky when she dies.
•Fixed an issue where the mudcrab’s legs would clip into each other after getting knocked back.
•Fixed an issue where weapons would clip into each other on the statues outside of Fallowstone Vault in The Rift.
•Fixed an issue where chains would clip into the Soul Shriven during the tutorial.
•Fixed the dog’s tail so it no longer has a sharp, unnatural bend while wagging.

Characters •Improved the shape of Khajiit Heavy Helmets on female player characters.
•Fixed an issue where the elbow pads on Yokudan Gloves would disappear in some gear combinations.
•Fixed an issue where the inside of the Hag’s skirt would become invisible at some angles.
•Adjusted the Khajiit Medium Helmets so they now have their eye slits filled in to alleviate odd looks when the eyes do not line up with the eye slits.
•Fixed an issue where some hairstyles would clip into torso armors with high collars.
•Fixed an issue that was causing a gap between a horse’s head and mane.
•The item Saviors Hide Hood now animates like a hood instead of a rigid helmet.
•Fixed an issue where the Bosmer Heavy Helmets would clip with Khajiit brows.
•Bandanas on Khajiit NPCs will now properly fit their head shape.
•Fixed issue where the Altmer Male head triangle selection in character creation would affect the leg shape.
•Fixed an issue where some earrings were not maintaining their proper positioning when adjusting Khajiit facial features.

Effects •Fixed an issue where the effects on one- and two-handed axes would be disconnected from the weapon blade.
•Fixed an issue where the fire effect would play on your weapon when performing certain animations with a torch.
•Fixed an issue where status effects would move out of place during dodge roll.
•Fixed an issue where effects were not displaying properly during Nereid’s Hurricane and Frost Bolt abilities.
•Fixed an issue where the Greenshade Serpent boss’ effects would play in the wrong place when he dives into the water.
•Fixed an issue so the Corpus Husk will no longer vomit endlessly when interrupted with a stun.
•Fixed an issue where the area-of-effect highlight would persist too long during the Undead Synergy for the Bone Flayer.
•Fixed an issue with the fire position on Nord Sconce fixtures.

Fixtures •The food found on dinner plates will no longer clip into the plate.
•Fixed an issue with invisible textures at certain angles on the Ashlander lamps.
•Fixed an issue where Altmer doorframes would shift inward when used.
•Fixed an issue where the tomb doors in Craglorn would clip into the wall when opened.
•Fixed an issue with missing collision on Redguard arches, Craglorn and Breton towers.
•Fixed some issues where the camera could clip through walls in Redguard houses, Nord warehouses, and Breton towers.
•Fixed an issue with the appearance of wooden beams in The Rift.
•Fixed an issue where some burned out campfires could launch you into the air.
•Fixed an issue where there were black textures in the Dwarven entrance structure.

General •Vendors and bankers will now politely stop talking when you interrupt them and click on any conversation option.
•Adjusted the audio so it now reinforces the sense of day and night.
•Continued an ongoing effort to improve the audio you hear during combat.
•Improved the music that you hear when you die.
•Fixed a few issues where sounds would get cut off prematurely in enclosed spaces.
•Improved the audio for horse hoofsteps.
•Fixed audio issues relating to monsters, UI, weapons, and abilities.
•Fixed a few instances where ambient audio and music weren’t playing in some areas.
•Improved the audio for many armor abilities.
•In addition to the new voice we gave Brackenleaf in an earlier patch, we gave his voice a bit more oomph for this patch.
•Fixed many voiceover issues, and increased the variety of voices heard in Craglorn, the Warrior and Mage Trials, and Veteran Crypt of Hearts.
•Fixed a number of typos and text mismatches in regards to voiceover.
•Fixed an issue with the music transitions you hear while fighting enemies from Dark Anchors.
•Player characters will now scream in fewer, more natural circumstances.
•Adjusted the audio while working at crafting stations so it’s now more focused on the crafting at hand.
•Added better support for 5.1 audio.
•Adjusted the audio for newer vanity pets so they’re a little less “talkative”.
•Updated the sound you hear when you attempt to perform an ability, but you don’t have enough magicka or stamina.

Combat & Gameplay
General •The cost to respec has been reduced to 1 gold per skill point or stat point. Note that this is a temporary change and in approximately one week, respec costs will return to a normal (but reduced) cost in patch v1.3.4.
•Abilities will no longer become unusable when targeting a critter.
•Fixed several issues where some abilities couldn’t be used to attack critters.
•Fixed a number of typos on player abilities.
•Blocking in first-person view during God of Schemes will no longer cover your entire screen.
•Fixed an issue where NPC followers could become stuck and unable to attack.
•Fixed an issue where morphed abilities would not slot onto your ability bar automatically after you redistributed your skill points.
•Fixed an issue where you wouldn’t look forward while moving diagonally.
•Fixed an issue where an enemy’s hit reactions wouldn’t line up with your attacks.
•Immunity granted by Break Free and the immunity given to you after you’re hit by a crowd control ability now provide immunity to all types of crowd control.
•Enemies killed by reflected attacks now play their death animation at the proper time.
•All weapon abilities can now proc weapon enchantments.
•Fixed an issue where weapon procs would not trigger at the correct time.
•Fixed some animation issues that were caused by trying to Break Free during a knockback.
•The crowd control breaker ability is now displayed as “Break Free” in item and ability descriptions.
•Fixed an issue where you could be dismounted from your horse when an active spell effect expires.
•Abilities that are reflected by enemies no longer create an extra projectile.
•Fixed an issue where some two handed axes had the wrong visual style.
•Monsters in the overland will no longer act erratically and bring in outside support during combat when they’re not supposed to.

Dragonknight •Earthen Heart •Magma Armor: This ability no longer stacks if you recast it before the duration expires. We also fixed an issue where this ability was doing 10x damage than intended.

•Ardent Flame •Engulfing Flames (Fiery Breath morph): The tooltip for this ability now properly states that it deals increased damage per rank.

Nightblade •Shadow •Dark Cloak: This ability can no longer be activated when you don’t have any magicka.
•Manifestation of Terror (Aspect of Terror morph): The wraith summoned by using this ability no longer has collision.
•Shadowy Disguise (Shadow Cloak morph): Fixed an issue where Rank4 of this ability was not increasing the critical strike rating with spells.
•Summon Shade: Fixed an issue where using this ability could cause a monster to stare at the summoned shade for several seconds before attacking you.

•Assassination •Incapacitate (Haste morph): This ability now has a visual effect when an enemy is immobilized.
•Pressure Points: The tooltip for this ability no longer reports an incorrect value when multiple assassination values are slotted.

•Siphoning •Swallow Soul Rank II (Strife morph): This ability is now properly considered a Siphoning ability.

Sorcerer •Daedric Summoning •The Storm Atronach no longer taunts the target it is attacking.
•Unstable Familiar: The Familiar that you summon is now considered a Daedra, and can be affected by all Fighters Guild abilities.
•Fixed an issue where summoning an Unstable Familiar or Winged Twilight would cause them to pop into incorrect locations when canceling crouch.
•Fixed an issue where your Unstable Familiar or Winged Twilight would run back to you in slow motion when recalled.
•The abilities Hardened Ward and Negate Magic no longer share the same icon.

•Storm Calling •Overload: You will now turn to face your target when attacking with this ability. We also fixed an issue where your weapon would occasionally still appear in your hands while this ability was active.

•Dark Magic •Crystal Blast (Crystal Shards morph): Fixed a graphical issue that would occur when the Crystal Blast projectile was dodged.
•Daedric Tomb (Daedric Mines morph): Using this ability will now cast the attack where your reticle is pointing instead of the direction you are facing.
•Encase: Dodge rolling out of this ability will no longer remove the visual effects from everyone affected by Encase.
•Restraining Prison (Encase morph): The tooltip for this ability now lists the snare duration.

Templar •Aedric Spear •Sun Shield: This ability no longer stops your magicka regeneration.

•Restoring Light •Healing Ritual: Both morphs of Healing Ritual now increase in heal value as they rank up.

•Dawn’s Wrath •Fixed an issue where Backlash Rank III wasn’t dealing any damage.
•Blinding Light: This ability can now cause enemies to go off-balance when they are blocking.
•Reflective Light (Sun Fire morph): The tooltip for this ability now includes the damage-over-time.
•Sun Fire: Fixed an issue where casting Sun Fire wouldn’t cause you to face your target.
•Total Dark (Eclipse morph): The tooltip now lists the correct duration for this ability.

Weapon •One Hand and Shield •Crippling Slash: This ability now has a visual effect to indicate that your target is immobilized.

•Two Handed •Balanced Blade: Fixed an issue where Ranks I-II were named inconsistently for this ability, and were using “1” and “2” at the end of their titles.
•Executioner: The tooltip for this ability now reports the correct damage when you don’t have a target.

•Bow •The heavy attack animation now plays fully when you have a bow equipped, even if it’s only charged for a short amount of time.
•Mist Form: Fixed an issue where the arrow would still be visible when you activate Mist Form with a bow equipped.

•Destruction Staff •Force Shock: Fixed an issue with this ability where the beam effect wasn’t playing.
•Tri-Focus Freeze: Enemies snared by this ability now show a snared visual effect.

•Restoration Staff •Grand Healing: This ability now shows green ring on the ground when cast by an ally in Cyrodiil.

•Dual Wield •Ruffian: This passive is no longer lost when you die.
•Dual Wield Expert: This passive is no longer lost when you die.

Armor •Heavy Armor •Constitution: This passive now restores magicka and stamina when you take damage.

Alliance War •Assault •Caltrops: This now shows a red ring on the ground when cast by an enemy in Cyrodiil.

•Support •Siege Shield: This ability now gives you an armor and resistance bonus instead of reducing all damage taken.

World •Soul Magic •Soul Assault: The tooltip for this ability now shows the correct snare duration.

•Vampire •Reduced the passive Undeath’s damage reduction to 33%, and adjusted the tooltip accordingly.

•Werewolf •Rousing Roar: This ability now correctly calculates its power bonus based on the number of targets that get hit.

Guild •Fighters Guild •Expert Hunter: The FX for this ability no longer persists on dead monsters.
•Silver Leash: Updated the tooltip for this ability so it now states that the pull function only works on Undead and Daedra.
•Trap Beast: You will now face the targeted area when casting this ability.

•Mages Guild •Meteor: Using this ability no longer causes health bar desyncs, and the morphs from this ability now list proper damage values in their tooltips.
•Entropy: Updated the tooltip for this ability to more accurately display the amount of health restored.
•Energy Orb: The damage bonus for this ability no longer stacks when multiple player characters activate the synergy.

•Undaunted •Blood Alter: This ability now shows a green ring on the ground when cast by an ally specifically in Cyrodiil.
•Activating the Intensify synergy no longer makes all Energy Orbs (Necrotic Orb morph) in the area explode.

Racial •Nord •Rugged: This passive now correctly decreases damage taken instead of increasing damage taken.

•Orc •Swift: Fixed an issue where this passive wasn’t increasing the damage of your charge attacks.
•Swift Rank 3: The tooltip for this passive now displays the correct increase in damage to charge attacks, which is 6% instead of 2%.

•Redguard •Adrenaline Rush Rank I: This now triggers on all melee attacks, not just light and heavy attacks.

Death Recap •Added new icons for the following abilities: •Foot Soldier’s Throw Dagger
•Centurion’s Steam Breath
•Lamia’s Resonate
•Two handed heavy attacks
•Boiling Slime’s Slime

•Giant’s Shatter now has an appropriate icon in the death recap.
•Rephrased some death recap hints so they are clearer and grammatically correct.
•A hint will now appear if a Destruction Staff is not equipped, but an ability of that type is slotted.
•Fixed an issue where some NPC killing blows weren’t appearing in the death recap.

Monsters •The ash pile left by disintegrated enemies now glows if it is lootable.
•Monsters will no longer lose collision for several seconds after casting movement abilities.
•The Nix Hound no longer loses collision when casting the ability Shadow Step.
•The Clannfear no longer gets stuck when trying to charge into enemies while on a cliff.
•The Welwa now charges to the edge of cliffs instead of trying to run around them.
•The Spirit Master’s Summon Shade no longer attacks invisible player characters using Shadow Cloak.
•Fixed an issue where summoned monsters wouldn’t play their summoned animation at the correct time.
•Fixed an issue where monsters would use the wrong turning animations as they became aware of your presence.
•Senche-Tigers will no longer display a telegraph for the ability Double Strike after it has finished casting.
•Trolls no longer stop casting the ability Tremor when you step out of range.

Crafting & Economy
General •The tooltip for Cleansed Water now shows the correct level of potion it creates.
•Fixed an issue where monster trophy items were not dropping.
•Fixed an issue that would occasionally cause the number of boosters selected for item improvement to be reset to 1.
•Increased the rate at which the lake water fishing nodes in Shadowfen will appear.

•Adjusted the amount of Inspiration needed to progress in Ranks 26 and 27 in order to create a smoother progression. •Note: We are looking at making broader improvements to the Inspiration you receive from Enchanting and its overall progression in an upcoming update.

•Changed the enchantment prefixes for veteran glyphs: •VR1-2: Major
•VR3-4: Greater
•VR5-6: Grand
•VR7-9: Splendid
•VR10+: Monumental

•Potency Runes will now stack up to 100.
•You will now gain inspiration when deconstructing Veteran Rank 11 and 12 Glyphs.

Provisioning •You can now acquire, learn, and craft the recipe Consummate Steak Soup.

Guild Store •Fixed an issue where the guild store belonging to a claimed keep in Cyrodiil could not be browsed by a non-guild member. Now if you own a keep, your guild store can be browsed by anyone of the same alliance.
•You can now purchase items listed on the guild store even if the guild member count has fallen below 50.
•Half of the taxes from a transaction on the guild store now get deposited directly into the guild bank. •This does not include the listing fee.
•The amount of tax incurred has not increased; it is split between the trader NPC and the guild.

Dungeons & Group Content
General •We have evaluated all Group Dungeon quests, and potential issues that could prevent quest progression have been resolved.
•We have evaluated all Group Dungeon bosses and mini-bosses, and have resolved multiple instances where bosses could become stuck or not reset properly.

Dungeons •Banished Cells •Banishing the Banished: Fixed an issue where the Keepers were not appearing in rare situations.

•Blackheart Haven •Fixed an issue where you could find yourself outside of the playable area by swimming underneath a wall.

•Darkshade Caverns •If your entire group is killed while fighting Head Shepherd Neloren, everyone can now resurrect.

•Direfrost Keep •Eboric will now appear at the death of Drodda, allowing the quest to proceed.

•Volenfell •The Guardian Encounter will now only award experience once the entire encounter is defeated, instead of each individual monster awarding experience.

Public Dungeons •Bad Man’s Hallows •You no longer need to be on a quest to enter this public dungeon.

•Bonesnap Ruins •Fixed an issue where you would not be able to advance quest if you killed Zix, then waited near Renard long enough for him to reset. We also fixed an issue so Renard will not disappear if you exit the room to the North during the fight with Zix.

Trials •General •Fixed an issue where bosses would occasionally drop out of combat, and you were unintentionally able to resurrect during the fight.
•Added the following Trials achievements: •Trials Damage Dealer
•Trials Healer
•Trials Blocker

•Aetherian Archive •Fixed an issue where the lightning FX from Thunderstorm would play multiple times each time it hit.
•Fixed an issue where you would not always get to see Varlariel’s introduction theater.
•You must now clear all islands after the Foundation Stone Atronach in order to activate the bridge to proceed.

•Hel Ra Citadel •Healing abilities will no longer target statues in Hel Ra Citadel.

Veteran Dungeons •General •Chests in Veteran Dungeons will now always produce Veteran Rank gear.

•Veteran Banished Cells •Keeper Imiril will no longer respawn after she is killed.

•Veteran Crypt of Hearts •Edge of Darkness: Fixed an issue that could cause the quest not to advance after defeating Nerien'eth.
•Edge of Darkness: The reward for this quest is now Veteran Rank 12.

•Veteran Elden Hollow •You will no longer be blocked from resurrecting if you die during the fight with Kargand.

•Veteran Spindleclutch •Blood Relations: Fixed an issue where Sud-Hareem and Mereel were not present when needed.
•You will no longer be able to pull Urvan Veleth’s adds individually.
•The boss health bar for the fight with three Flesh Atronachs now properly reflect the combined health of the trio.
•Sud-Hareen will no longer despawn if you enter the dungeon with the quest Blood Relations already in your journal.

Exploration & Itemization
General •47 new achievements have been added to the game across all sections, from crafting to dungeons to PvP, and many of these new achievements will have dyes associated with them. •If you have already completed the challenge mentioned in the achievement, in many cases you will be back credited for the new achievement. For example, becoming Emperor is a new achievement in the game, and any previous or current emperors will receive credit for this achievement.

•When entering areas such as public dungeons, group dungeons or delves, it is now more clear if you can tackle this alone or if you need a group.
•Item tooltips now specify if they only apply to group members.
•Fixed an issue that could cause interactable objects to yield items with the wrong icon.
•Clickable weapons and armor in the world now produce items with the correct tints.
•The vendor Urildil now sells all types of weapons instead of just axes.
•The vendor Lothdush no longer sells low-level items in Veteran Zones.
•Removed a duplicate Bangkorai Angler achievement.
•If you are prevented from looting an item from in-game mail, there will now be an appropriate error message stating why you cannot loot the item.
•Fixed an issue where some vendor items would not correctly scale to an appropriate Veteran Rank in Silver or Gold zones.
•Fixed an issue where several vendors were not selling the correct items.
•Monsters found in Craglorn will now drop Veteran Rank potions.
•Fixed a minor issue with the tooltip text from the Alliance War Shock Staff.
•Fixed an issue where Used Bait was incorrectly labeled as a usable bait item.
•Stranglers in Coldharbour now have a chance of dropping Tentacles for the achievement Nature’s Guardians.
•Nix-Hounds can now drop Multifaceted Eyes.
•All ghosts now have a chance to drop Ectoplasmic Discharge.
•Bull Netches will now drop Bile Gilt.
•Fixed an issue where Trial gear would occasionally appear without traits.
•Fixed an issue where several Veteran Dungeon item sets didn’t have traits.

Items •Increased the overcharge values for Health, Stamina, Magicka, Weapon Damage, Health Regeneration, Stamina Regeneration, and Magicka Regeneration.
•Decreased overcharge values for Spell Damage.

Item Sets •Item sets that increase healing as part of their two-, three-, or four-piece bonus now correctly display a percentage sign beside the amount of the increase.
•Item sets that affect group members now state their maximum number of targets.
•Set bonuses that affect group members no longer have their effect permanently ended when a group member leaves the wearer’s zone.
•Fixed several issues that prevented item sets from applying their bonuses.
•Several typographical errors in item set tooltips have been corrected.
•Item sets now create visual effects when their bonuses trigger.
•Many item set bonuses have become more powerful. •All item sets offer their most powerful bonus after the entire set has been collected, requiring either 3 or 5 pieces.
•All item sets of 3 pieces give a minor bonus after collecting 2 out of 3 pieces.
•All item sets of 5 pieces give a minor bonus after collecting 2, 3, and 4 pieces out of the total 5.

•Added traits to various item set pieces obtained from veteran dungeons.
•The following item set tooltips now refer to Weapon Damage instead of Weapon Power: •Hunding’s Rage item set
•Skirmisher item set

•Keeper’s Garb has been given an icon.
•King’s Justice now has an item trait.
•Signet of Sancre Tor now has an item trait.
•Adroitness: This item set now correctly restores magicka and stamina, instead of restoring magicka twice.
•Apprentice: Added shoes to this item set.
•Archer’s Mind: Clarified the tooltip for this item set.
•Ashen Grip: This item set damage proc now hits 6 targets instead of 3.
•Auriel’s Shield: This item set no longer creates a damage shield when you damage yourself with abilities such as Equilibrium.
•Beckoning Steel: Fixed an issue where this item set could be removed by intercepting itself.
•Beserking Warrior: This item set now only applies to attacks with 2 handed weapons.
•Buffer of the Swift: Fixed an issue that caused this set’s 5 piece bonus to have only a 10% chance to absorb damage.
•Curse Eater: Reduced the bonus for this item set to 20% duration reduction from 33%.
•Darkstride: This set’s 5 piece bonus no longer grants a smaller amount of stamina recovery than intended.
•Death’s Wind: Fixed an issue where this item set wasn’t stunning enemies.
•Defending Warrior: This item set’s damage type has been changed to Magic.
•Dreugh King Slayer: This set’s 5 piece bonus no longer grants a smaller amount of stamina recovery than intended, and now has new visual effects when equipped.
•Eagle Eye: The tooltip for this item set no longer states that it increases the range of the ability Arrow Spray.
•Ebon Armory: The item tooltip describes this set’s bonuses more clearly.
•Elf Bane: This item set no longer decreases the tick rate on the Destruction Staff ability Wall of Fire.
•Healer’s Habit: Reduced the bonus for this item set to 8% healing increase from 10%.
•Healing Mage: This set’s bonus now affects a maximum of six targets, and its tooltip now specifies that it affects weapon damage.
•Hide of the Werewolf: Increased this item set to 5 ultimate restore from 3.
•Hist Bark: This set now provides 18% dodge rating while blocking.
•Ice Furnace: The Ice Furnace item set now has a percentage chance to trigger instead of always firing.
•Ice Furnace: Increased the fire damage for this item set by 10%.
•Kyne’s Flight: Periodic damage from Acid Spray can now trigger this set’s 5 piece bonus.
•Lord’s Mail: This set’s 5 piece bonus now triggers a cooldown when it activates.
•Night Mother’s Embrace: This item set tooltip now properly states that it gives a bonus to crouch cost, rather than sprint cost.
•Night’s Silence: Fixed an issue that prevented this set’s bonus from applying, and edited the tooltip to reflect the correct stealth bonus percentage at 60%.
•Poisonous Serpent: This set’s tooltip now explains that the bonus only applies to light and heavy weapon attacks.
•Quick Serpent: Reduced this item set’s movement speed bonus to 75% from 100%. This item set also now reduces stamina costs by 8%.
•Robes of Onslaught: This item set tooltip now states that it affects stun abilities.
•Sanctuary •This set’s 5 piece bonus now correctly applies to allies.
•Fixed an issue that lowered this item set’s healing bonus Increased the bonus for this item set to 12% healing from 8%.
•This item set now has a trait on the staff item.

•Sergeant’s Mail: The item tooltip describes this set’s bonuses more clearly. Its 5 piece bonus can no longer occur twice in a row.
•Shalidor’s Curse: This set’s 5 piece bonus now triggers correctly.
•Shroud of the Lich: Bracers and shoulders in this set now have a sell value.
•Skirmisher: Fixed an issue where your weapon damage was not being increased properly. We also fixed an issue with Critical Strike where it was being increased by 100% of the critical strike value, rather than a flat percentage of 10%.
•Song of Lamae: This item set can now critically strike.
•Stygian: Fixed an issue where this item set wasn’t providing a 20% damage increase.
•Thunderous Plate Mail: This set’s 5 piece bonus now only triggers on melee attacks, as stated in its tooltip. Thunderous Plate Mail also now has a target cap.
•Twilight’s Embrace: Updated the set piece bonuses on this set: •3 piece bonus: Increases Spell Critical by 4%
•4 piece bonus: Increases spell power

•Twin Sisters: This set’s 5 piece bonus now lists its effect’s duration.
•Twin Sisters: The proc for this item set now ignores armor.
•Worm’s Raiment: The FX for this item set no longer stacks.
•Willow’s Path: Updated the set piece bonuses on this set: •2 piece bonus: Increases maximum magicka
•3 piece bonus: Increases Spell Critical by 4%
•4 piece bonus: Increases health regeneration

•Wise Mage: This set’s tooltip describes this set’s effects more clearly.

Mac Client
General •Fixed a memory leak in the Mac client that would cause the game to crash or perform poorly over time.

General •Fixed an issue where you could get stuck with a blue-tinted screen upon crashing while in Greenshade.
•Fixed an issue so the Looking For Group (LFG) system now caps Craglorn and Trials at Veteran Rank 12 instead of Veteran Rank 15.
•The achievements Catching Trophy Fish will now update the associated achievements properly.

Inventory •Each inventory can now have a single unique version of an item, including the bank. •For example, if you have two characters under your account and have a disguise, you could have three different versions of the disguise: one disguise in your first character’s inventory, one disguise in your second character’s inventory, and one disguise in the bank.

Vanity Pets •The Bristlegut Piglet no longer collides with other player characters.
•The Whiterun Wolfhound no longer barks endlessly while running, and no longer has monster collision.

General •The final Mages and Fighters Guild quest now have improved rewards.
•NPCs that assist you in combat will now be more responsive while in combat.
•Corrected the names of some public dungeon achievements.
•Rebalanced all public dungeons to improve the experience for a group of two. This includes group events and fighting champions.
•Adjusted many doors so all group members can more easily use them, as long as one member of the group has the associated quest.
•When you decide to flee before an overland group encounter, it will still remain active for others if they want to attempt it.

Alik’r Desert •Motalion Necropolis: You will now be able to use the door after defeating the wave event without having to relog.
•The Initiation: You will now be able to interact with the tent flap on the quest step “Collect Your Brother From His Tent”.

Auridon •Silent Village: Weakened bears associated with this quest can now be bound with the gem.
•A Village Awakened: The quest bestower will now be easier to find.
•Final Blows: Karulae and Calanyese will now respawn at a slightly slower rate.
•Harsh Lesson: Adjusted the level of the monsters in Saltspray Cave from level 9 to level 13.
•A Hostile Situation: You will now be able to advance this quest, even if you die to Captain Astranya multiple times.

Bangkorai •Troll’s Toothpick: The Skeevers and Trolls will now appear in the cave.

Coldharbour •The Soul-Meld Mage: You will no longer get stuck placing the power crystals for this quest.
•The Harvest Heart: The quest will now properly advance after completing the ritual.
•The Endless War: Placing seeds on the dead will now properly progress the quest.
•Cave of Trophies: The Banekin are now correctly set to level 47.
•The Soul-Meld Mage: Fixed a rare issue that would cause you to be transformed into a monkey. Forever.
•The Great Shackle/Hollow City: Vanus Galerion will no longer appear at the Great Shackle wayshrine before being rescued.
•Haj Uxith: You will no longer see multiple versions of Treeminder Xohaneel when playing in a group.

Deshaan •Supply Run: There are now enough supplies in the area to find them consistently.
•School Daze: Groups will now share completion of the puzzle by the lake.
•Race for the Cure: Fixed an issue where the step to “Observe Nilyne’s Treatment” would become blocked if you left the house before the treatment was completed.
•Bad Medicine: Fixed an issue where Aerona would not be present when you entered the house.
•The Light Fantastic: There will now be clearer prompts to interact with the Dwarven Prisms.

Eastmarch •Kireth's Amazing Plan: You will no longer lose quest progress after logging out.
•Hall of the Dead: Reynir will now pursue you farther during combat.
•Our Poor Town: Increased the amount of torchbugs you can gather when you’re in a group.

Fighters Guild •Proving the Deed: This quest will no longer be blocked if you neglect to follow Aelif as she runs to Ragnthar.
•The Dangerous Past: The Dwarven Centurion will respawn if he gets stuck while you’re fighting him.

Glenumbra •Themond Mine will now scale to veteran difficulties.
•Turning of the Trees: Upon leaving and returning to Deleyn’s Mill, you will now be able to resummon the torchbug as needed.
•The Miner’s Lament: Foreman Blaise will now jump down from the bridge and can be attacked.

Grahtwood •Scars Never Fade: No-Fingers will now appear during the quest step where you need to talk to him.
•Carnival Conundrum: It will now be easier to interact with the Akaviri Cultural Infiltration Document.
•Heart of the Matter: Logging out after the fight with Ukaezai will no longer stop you from absorbing her soul.
•The Enemy Within: You can now confront Rakhaz and continue the quest.
•A Lasting Winter: Fixed an issue where Brelor would not interact with the Welkynd Stones.
•Grip of Madness: Entering the Cathedral will no longer cause the quest to advance incorrectly to a step you cannot complete.
•Forgotten Soul: Adjusted the level of The Guardian of Root Sunder to level 18 in order to match the level of the quest.
•Eyes of Azura: Increased the amount of Daedra for you to fight to fill your Sigil Geodes.

Greenshade •Breaking the Ward: You will now be able to always turn in this quest.
•Mist and Shadow: The Skull of Vargarion will now be interactable again.
•Staff of the Magnus: All group members will now be able to enter Marbruk’s Vault.
•Woodhearth: You will no longer be teleported to the wrong area if you attempt to travel to another player character in the Imperial Underground.
•Handmade Guardian: Fixed an issue that would prevent you from getting a new guardian and completing the quest if your current guardian got stuck and de-spawned.

Mages Guild •Chateau of the Ravenous Rodent: Uncle Leo will now respawn if he gets stuck while you’re fighting him.
•The Mad God's Bargain: Haskill will now respawn if he gets stuck while you’re fighting him.
•Simply Misplaced: You will no longer lose the General’s Essence if you die before activating the spider or scorpion seals.

Main Quest •Castle of the Worm: Mannimarco's skeletons getting stuck will no longer break the fight with him.
•Heart's Grief: You will no longer lose the Aedric blessings if you log out in the middle of fighting Molag Bal.
•Halls of Torment: Lyris will now attack enemies when fighting in the Halls of Torment.
•Moonhenge’s Tear: Sergeant Galandir will no longer disappear after being freed.

Malabal Tor •A Tale Forever Told: The barrier associated with this quest will be easier to click on in order to escape the tale.
•Arithiel: Arithiel will now consistently spawn at the end of this quest.
•The Siege of Velyn Harbor: You will now be able to always turn in this quest.
•Brothers and Bandits: Adjusted the level of this quest to level 37 to match the dungeon and difficulty.

Reaper’s March •Two Moon’s Path: Fixed an issue that was preventing Rid’thar from spawning and blocking your quest progress. We also fixed an issue so if you log out during a vision, you will be able to interact with the crystals.
•The First Step: You will no longer be blocked from advancing this quest if you log out, die, or leave the temple during the cleansing ceremony.

Rivenspire •Foul Deeds in the Deep: You will no longer become blocked if Osgrikh is killed too soon during her monologue.
•The Blood-Spattered Shield: Reezal-Jul and the Contess Eselde will now reset if they become stuck.

Shadowfen •The Dominion's Alchemist: Kazdi will now always be interactable when you’re trying to rescue her.
•Trail of the Skin Stealer: Adjusted the scene between Ukatsei and Nedrasa so it’s now clearer.

Stonefalls •A Son's Promise: Rulantaril will now more consistently surrender on the quest step to subdue him.
•Sadal's Final Defeat: Sadal is now defeatable and not get stuck at 0 health.
•Crow's Wood: The Moonlit Maiden is now easier to defeat.
•The Wizard’s Tome: You can now complete this quest if it was granted as a shared quest from another player character.

Stormhaven •A Ransom for Miranda: Compass pins will now show up properly for the mushrooms.
•Abominations from Beyond: Rescuing a captive will no longer give you twice the quest credit.
•Saving Hosni: If you die in Hosni’s dream, you will now resurrect at the tower where you originally entered the dream.
•Ending the Ogre’s Threat: Updated Skull Crusher in Shinji's Scarp to only spawn if you’re on the appropriate step.

The Rift •Geirmund's Guardian: Fixed an issue that would prevent Runehild from spawning.
•Geirmund's Oath: The timer for the drinking game will now reset properly when you log out.
•Concealed Weapons: Aera will now be available to all members of a group for the quest step “Talk to Aera.” We also corrected a number of compass pins for this quest.
•Shattered Hopes: Dying to Thallik's cultists will no longer make you have to fight cultists and draugr at the same time.
•Geirmund’s Hall: Fixed an issue where your progress would be blocked if you ran too far away from the bridge on the quest step “Escort Jakaral to the Bridge.”

Vampire •Scion of the Blood Matron: You will now have the disease "Vampiris" removed upon becoming a vampire.

Werewolf •Hircine's Gift: Not feeding on Songmadir's kill will no longer block you from progressing. We also added a number of missing compass pins for this quest.

General •When you’re in a different channel with group members, but in the same zone, you will now get an auto-prompt to travel to the group leader.
•Fixed an issue so food buffs as shown within the stamina and magicka bars will now persist while traveling to a new zone.
•Fixed an issue where if you entered a menu before a trade invitation was accepted, all items from the trade window would appear missing.
•Fixed an issue so the Spell Critical Strike chance from The Thief mundus stone will now display on your character sheet.
•Fixed an issue with the dialog options while talking with the Quartermaster about inspecting a keep.
•Fixed an issue where some Points of Interest would remain on the compass when you left an area and later returned.
•Fixed an issue where the Keep details tooltip from the Cyrodiil map would not disappear after using a Transitus Shrine.
•Fixed an issue where pins for your group members would not show up on maps while you were inside an instanced area.

Crafting •Fixed an issue when improving an item where the Attempt Item Improvement UI would reappear, displaying a 100% chance to improve when the chance to improve was actually reset.
•The Gaited Horse now shows its speed upgrade visuals correctly.
•Fixed an issue where some crafted glyphs would initially filter to the Materials tab of your inventory instead of the Miscellaneous tab.
•Fixed an issue with the rage glyph enchantment tooltip so it now specifies “Rage” instead of “Berserker”.

Guild Store •Added a sound effect when you attempt to purchase an item without having enough gold.

Mail •Fixed an issue if you went from Mail to Inventory and back to Mail, items would occasionally not be visible to attach to new mail.

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