Destiny 2

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Re: Destiny 2

Postby mik_69 » 03 Oct 2017 12:33

Yeah, substitutes be a good idea. Tonight is the only night I can guarantee really. Though I'll be available until 3am!! :)

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Re: Destiny 2

Postby Navid » 03 Oct 2017 16:52

Happy to jump in if you need someone to make up the numbers, but prefer being a sub so that anyone who hasn't played/completed the raid yet gets to do so... :)

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stevo777 wrote:Would like to get a raid started tonight (and finished this week) without going to LFG lol

Start at 10pm (preferably earlier but maintenance today), please add your name if you can make it:
1. Stevo777
2. WeeCraig
3. mik_69
4. judoblo (from 10pm, not Thurs)
5. Waylander (from 10pm-0:30am)

May well take a few nights so please only add your name if you can be on