No Man’s Sky

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Re: No Man’s Sky

Postby Chuckleboy » 11 Aug 2017 14:58

judoblo wrote:Wow, just wow...

The latest free update (v1.3) for NMS has just dropped, and it's a biggie!

This, coupled with the Foundation and Pathfinder updates might tempt me to start a new playthrough.

Been trying all sorts of games out recently to keep me going till D2 hits, might be worth another look. It would seem to be a much different game now to when it was first released.

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Re: No Man’s Sky

Postby Keyop » 11 Aug 2017 20:01

That looks really good

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Re: No Man’s Sky

Postby mik_69 » 12 Aug 2017 09:36

This looked be quite a good update and while not having started anything after HZD and prior to D2 thought i would have a look.

It definitely has potential to be very good for new players to the game but i still think on the grand scale Hello Games really don't have a fecking clue what they are doing!!!

The first major patch the Pathfinder update was only launched back in March. But rather than progress from that this new update wipes most of what the player has progressed during that time (I've checked Google and Reddit to ensure it's not just a sole issue for me).

The Pathfinder update introduced quest lines with Base building and hiring Tech / Farm workers etc. But this update has changed the dialogue and quests that were initially carried out so existing players have to redo the entire thing. Except that whilst the quests and dialogue resets the Base Building you've already carried out does not. And that then leads to glitches and issues when asked to construct something that already exists!!

Add in that each time the push through one of these updates they kind of reset the planetary system so everything you have found and saved gets lost. Not only that the make-up of the planets gets randomised. Wasn't an issue first update as we were just planet hopping but now i found myself a lovely lush Green home world i don't want it suddenly turning into a barren Radioactive wasteland!!

HG also messed up their farming and trading currencies as the users just found what gave best value and continually ground out millions of the same item. So all that has been reset also which i can understand but yet again it is pretty much like going back to square one, all the work existing users have done is pretty useless.

So my thoughts are find a new home planet and rebuild new base and farm there and take my workers etc over there. But from reading Reddit seems that is glitched and for existing users to progress the quest line their base needs to remain at its initial location or it glitches and you don't get offered any further missions.

Reddit is also full of further glitches and bugs already found in this update. Looks to me like they've once again rushed it out to meet the Anniversary without testing - or we are the test dummies!!!

There's something about NMS which intrigues me so i will probably persevere a while longer. BUT if i do manage to build a new base, create a new farm to suit the resources that are effective during this update how much of that will get wiped in 1.4?!?!?!?!?!

Edit: Also forgot to mention languages. I had pretty much mastered all 3 main languages but since the update it's lucky if I know a single word in a conversation making it just a guessing game again.

While I'm at it, scanning for creatures has taken a step backward. Last time I played green or red dots appeared on screen indicating ones you'd found or not but these are no longer there until you scan said creature making that feature pretty pointless.

And lastly for now, the green question marks indicating locations on a planet seem much further afield meaning a lot more travelling before you get anywhere when exploring.