Custom Function (on the fly adjustments) mapping on a Pad

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Custom Function (on the fly adjustments) mapping on a Pad

Postby Keyop » 16 Feb 2011 17:09

If you want to make use of the custom controls for adjusting TC, ASM, Brake bias and so on and you're a pad user here's a suggested set up for you.

This setup assumes you use the sticks for steering/braking. If you play with any other setup you can tinker with these five mappings to get a layout that works for you, perhaps assign them to the sticks instead.

Head into the main game options and go to the hardware section. Choose 'Change Button Assignments' for controller 1.

Now change the following entries on the left side:
D Pad up: (RA function) Select +
D Pad down: (RA function) Select -
D Pad Left: (RA function) Adjust -
D Pad Right: (RA function) Adjust +

and on the right side:
X: (RA function) Menu

Now when your in race hit 'X' and you can adjust any of the 'on the fly' settings avaialable, press up/down to select your function and left/right to change its value. Press 'X' again to close the menu, or let it time out after 5 seconds or so without closing it.