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Re: New Film Recommendations

Postby Funar » 13 May 2017 02:44 ... 8/10

Spoiler: Don't watch the trailer. It gives away the whole plot  

Holy crap I just watched a perfect copy of "Get Out" on Kodi (on a Fire TV stick using wifi, mik). I didn't know anything about the movie, it just appeared first on the new movies list. Wow what a great story! Scared the sh1t out of me well and truly and I was actually talking to the screen and making gestures by the end :whack: :yes:. That may have been the wine but i don't think so :funar:. I'd be interested to hear how you got on watching it.

Deserving of the high ratings despite not having any big names (I think). It is out a couple of months and is still in some cinemas but the fact that I didn't hear a thing about it made it all the more enjoyable. I can't really say anything at all about the plot but it is worth watching. Liberal racism at it's best, and sometimes very funny too. OMG it is so clever in places. Loved it. 8.5+ from me :shhh: :fright:

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Re: New Film Recommendations

Postby WeeCraig » 06 Aug 2017 12:36

Seen Dunkirk last night. What an absolutely brilliant movie.